Jaap Verbaas


Freedive Wire was created and launched by Jaap Verbaas late 2015. Jaap finished a BSc and MSc in geology in the Netherlands and moved to Australia before finally landing in Vancouver, Canada in 2012 to pursue a PhD. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with freediving, and also started to dig into the science and physiology of marine mammals (humans included). Jaap freedives in the Pacific Northwest and wherever he travels.

Rick Waines

Rick Waines. Photo credit: Tom Lightfoot
Photo credit: Tom Lightfoot






Another avid cold-water freediver, Rick has been contributing to Freedive Wire from the start, and aside from submitting stunning photos he helps in keeping the social media accounts up to date.  He is a PFI certified safety supervisor.

Halfdan Lie Hem


Halfdan fell in love with Freediving just last summer, finding it to be a beautiful unison between a sport and a mindset. He heads up the development of Airpockets and dives any chance he gets.

Luca Malaguti Sommaruga

Luca swimming towards the abyss.

Luca dives the Pacific Northwest and started contributing to Freedive Wire from the moment it was launched. He writes about gear, training techniques, and anything else that is freediving related.







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