The Sphyrna Revolution

Hand-crafted, high quality spearguns. The power of a blue water gun, with the agility of a reef gun.

Sphyrna Spearguns are designed and hand-built by Chris Campbell, a marine engineer and experienced spearfisher in Vancouver, Canada. With triple inverted bands designed to minimize recoil, you have the power of a blue water gun with ease and agility of a shorter reef gun.

The Sphyrna Mokarran: designed to pack a punch, but fully versatile in all aquatic conditions.

Let’s start with some fun facts

  • The Sphyrna Mokarran is an inverted roller gun, and therefore it has minimal recoil.
  • The spear flies forward, but the bands pull backwards, counteracting the recoil.
  • The shaft will fly straigther and truer than on normal spearguns.
  • You will feel also less punch in your wrist.

The Sphyrna is made to slice through the water as you aim for your prey. The handle is slightly offset from the butt to make it easier for you to aim and easier to move the gun around rocks and obstacles.

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Sphyrna Speargun Spearfishing
The Sphyrna Speargun is a revolution of two worlds: the power of a blue water gun and the agility of a reef gun. You’re welcome.

Are you into knowing all the details?

Ok, get ready, you asked for it!

Here’s all the exact and detailed specs that marine engineer and spearfisher Chris Campbell applies to each one of his hand-made and custom tailored Sphyrna Mokarran Spearguns.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Average shaft stock length is 36″ (91cm)
  • Length specifically designed for both blue water and reef spearing
  • Power is not compromised in blue water due to length of shaft (keep reading below why)
  • Agility and handling is excellent at 36″ (91cm)
  • Metal parts are water jet cut from 316 stainless steel plate
  • All parts are tumbled in silicon carbide to give a satin finish which cuts reflection down to a minimum and improves scratch resistance
  • All hardware is marine-grade stainless steel (non-corrosive)
  • All hardware is attached to Brass inserts that are screwed into the gun for maximum serviceability
  • The trigger is a two stage, adjustable spring loaded fiberglass push rod setup that can be customized to adjust spring force
  • Trigger Mechanisms are full roller triggers with automatic resetting line release made in Italy by Ermes-Sub, for ultimately smooth trigger pulls
  • Triggers are both cross pinned and held from the top
  • Inverted band mounting pulleys are Ermes-Sub
  • Forward pulleys are marine grade high-load pulleys made by HARKEN, and withstand 680kg of working load each!!
  • The handle scales (the side plates) are made from reclaimed teak, with brass threaded inserts and load distributing insert washers to prevent cracking
Spearfishing Spearguns
With a single loaded band you have plenty of power to catch smaller reef fish, while the triple load will tackle large blue water fish.

and more specs:

  • The handle frames are bent and tig-welded in house 
  • Cores are made from laminated Sapele and reclaimed teak, the highest grade west-systems epoxy is used and curing environment is temperature controlled
  • Inner sapele core is 1/3 harder and stiffer than teak with minimal increase in density, keeping the gun shooting straight
  • Teak outer plates have the best weather resistance and take abuse with less worry of chipping or splintering than other woods offers maximum life for wear and tear
  • All finished blanks are vacuum infused with waterproof wood sealer to close up all the wood grains
  • Guns are given a final three coats of pure tung oil
  • All lines are Amsteel “blue” 7/64″ 1600 lb breaking strength in silver color (custom colors available on request)
  • Stock shooting lines are Samson Braid, with a 500 lb breaking strength dyneema with shock cord
  • All guns feature shooting line shaft retention to prevent the shaft from lifting in the track-shafts (currently offered are Rob Allen spring steel shafts for maximum durability)
  • All bands are Rob Allen, available in 9/16″ or 5/8″
  • Guns are individually balanced to give slightly negative buoyancy when shaft is in
Sphyrna Speargun for Spearfishing
The Sphyrna Mokarran in action underwater. The buoyancy design of the Teak and Sapele creates a perfect balance in the water.

and even more specs:

  • Keeping the center of balance forward to keep the tip pointed in a safer downward direction when resting on the surface
  • Guns are positively buoyant when shaft is out
  • Mid handle setup allows quick response to track fish
  • Large loading butt area with non-slip high density foam rubber pad for comfortable and safe loading
  • Multiple band arrangement lets you tune your shooting to the environment and target species
  • Short length keeps it agile and easy to maneuver
  • “Cuttlefish” shape helps keep it hydrodynamic
  • Inverted reverse roller setup keep the recoil to an absolute minimum and the forces are more balanced
  • The inverted reverse roller setup also keeps the gun straight as forces are balanced top and bottom
  • Barrel lift is virtually eliminated 
  • More power for less effort and shorter length
  • Shaft is pulled for over 80% of the track length rather than just 30%!! 
Spearfishing Speargun
The Sphyrna Mokarran speargun: the power of blue water meets the agility of the reef.

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