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5 Simple tricks for cold water diving

This post was submitted by Luca Malaguti. Luca dove with a 3 mm suit in the cold water of the Pacific for the longest time. In this article he shares some tricks to stay warm.

The Canadian Pacific Northwest is a stunning place for scuba diving, freediving or snorkeling. It offers some of the cleanest waters in the world, fantastic underwater landscapes and unbelievable marine wildlife. The only issue for many people that wish to take part in these activities around Vancouver, the Gulf Islands or Victoria, is that for most of the year the water is quite cold.In the summertime, the Howe Sound can have surface water temperatures that range between 14 to 20 degrees Celsius. However, it’s always cold below the thermocline.

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Vivian Island sea lion freediving

Vivian island is another island with a big sea lion population in the winter time. The photo above was submitted by @wrick, who dove here in February 2016. This is a dive you need to get to by boat. Boat charters are done by for example Pacific Pro dive.

The sea lions here reportedly are a bit calmer than their friends at Norris Rocks, so if being swarmed by sea lions is maybe not your thing you should choose this dive site first and see if you like it.

The depth here ranges from 20 – 30 feet. Visibility is often good in winter but can be poor (~20 feet).

Contact Pacific Pro Dive for details and charters.

Address: Vivian Island, Powell River A, BC, Canada

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